Dry Brush Skin Massage. Skin Exfoliating Garshana Raw Silk Gloves – More Radiant Smooth Skin- Reduce Cellulitis – Improve Blood Flow – Remove Toxins – 1 Pair. Makes a Great Gift


$ 15.35

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    GET BACK YOUR YOUTHFUL HEALTHY RADIANT AND GLOWING SKIN - Dry and dull skin is one of the biggest beauty issues as we age. However, you do not have to worry about it anymore, because our dry brushing gloves can breathe life back into your skin by gently exfoliating it with love and care.
    PRACTICAL AND COST-EFFICIENT - You dont have to buy separate gloves for your face and body because our boldactive glove is made of specially conditioned silk thats perfect for the whole body for a radiant glowing skin. No need to worry about getting bruised by dry brushes anymore. Easy to carry during your travels. Perfect Stocking Stuffer
    TRIPLE-STITCHED TO LAST LONGER - The gloves are expertly hand and machine sewn so that you dont have to worry about detached stitches. Our glove is specially designed to last longer despite everyday use.
    INVIGORATE BLOOD FLOW Our gloves will help circulate blood flow all throughout your body as you gently massage your skin from the lower body up to your chest area. Get your hands on the best kept secret that has been around for hundreds of years.

    Item Weight: 0.32 ounces
    Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces
    UPC: 852388007009
    #350 in Professional Massage Equipment

YOU DESERVE THIS. Time to get that glowing young skin back, say bye by to cellulite, remove your toxins, so many benefits with these gloves. INVIGORATE BLOOD FLOW all throughout your body as you gently massage your skin from the lower body up to your chest area. Gently reduces cellulite naturally. Our product can glide smoothly on your body and face while staying perfect in place while massaging skin all throughout. Daily use of this product will do wonders to your life and health. This one of the best kept secret in the health world. LOOSEN UP DEAD SKIN CELLS with a single glove without experiencing pain in the process. What’s even better with our glove is that it works better and more effectively than any dry brushes you can buy in the market, because you can glide over your skin without bruising sensitive parts of your body. Feel the toxins getting flushed out of your body and imagine your skin getting that youthful radiance and glow while reducing cellulite. NOURISHMENT FOR YOUR BODY AND MIND – our glove is not only perfect for exfoliating dead skin cells, but also for dry skin massage to unclog your pores and eliminate trapped toxins in the skin. Feel that energy and sense of wellbeing. Restore your youthful radiant skin while spending a penny a day. LIMITED SUPPLY, ADD TO BASKET NOW. YOU WILL GET 2 GLOVES IN 1 PACK WITH A COLORFUL GIFT BOX PERFECT FOR ALL SPECIAL OCCASIONS!