Sharp Two Color Printing Calculator 12-Digit SHR EL1197PIII


$ 92.10

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    Print Speed (Lines per Second):  4.5
    Display Characters Height:  14 mm
    Ribbon/Roller Printer:  Ribbon
    Number of Display Digits:  12
    Display Type(s):  Fluorescent
    Power Source(s):  AC Only
    Print Color(s):  Black; Red
    Display Angle:  Fixed
    Size:  8-5/8 x 12-7/8
    Memory:  4-Key
    Confidence Interval Calculating:  No
    Complex Number Calculations:  No
    Fraction/Decimal Conversions:  No
    Polar-Rectangular Conversion:  No
    Probability (Random Number):  No
    Logical (Boolean) Operations:  No
    Currency Exchange Function:  No
    Percent Add-On/Discount:  Yes
    Base Number Calculations:  No
    Depreciation Calculations:  No
    Interest Rate Conversion:  No
    Simultaneous Equations:  No
    Time-Value-of-Money:  No
    Item Count Function:  Yes
    Fraction Calculations:  No
    Hyperbolic Functions:  No
    Variable Regression:  No
    Markup/Down Key:  Yes
    Hypothesis Testing:  No
    Decimal Function:  Yes
    Trig/Log Functions:  No
    Bond Calculations:  No
    Linear Regression:  No
    Metric Conversion:  No
    Cost/Sell/Margin:  Yes
    Double Zero Key:  Yes
    Date Calculations:  No
    Grand Total Key:  Yes
    Square Root Key:  No
    Loan Calculation:  No
    Backspace Key:  Yes
    Tax Calculation:  Yes
    +/- Switch Key:  Yes
    Equation Editor:  No
    Percent Key(s):  No
    Amortization:  No
    Time/Date:  Yes
    Matrices:  No

    Adds the grand total of several calculations, such as the total prices times units on an invoice
    Blue fluorescent display shows punctuation
    1 calculator
    1 AC adapter
    1 Roll of paper
    1 Ribbon

Model: SHR EL1197PIII