National Geographic 40x - 1024x Microscope


$ 130.92

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    Eyepieces: 10x, 16x
    Objective Lens Sizes: 4x, 10x, 40x
    Magnification Power Range: 40x-1024x
    Illumination: Transmitted and reflected

    Study specimens in stages using magnification powers ranging from 40x to 1024x
    USB eyepiece connects device directly to a computer to allow for easy viewing, sharing and image capturing
    Included Barlow lens makes magnification up to 50 percent larger
    Offers two types of illumination for more observing options
    Color filter wheel allows for enhanced views of translucent or colorless specimens
    Includes collection/prepping tools, prepared and blank slides, a shrimp hatchery and other accessories to jumpstart investigations
    Hard shell case with molded interior protects the microscope and all of its accessories when not in use
    Two Eyepieces (10x, 16x)
    USB Eyepiece
    Barlow Lens
    Power supply
    Color filter wheel
    Prepared and blank slides
    Slide case
    Collection/prepping tools (pipette/tweezers/MicroCut)
    Brine shrimp eggs and hatchery
    Gum Media
    Sea Salt
    Hard shell case with molded interior
    Operating Instructions/Experiments Guide
    Barlow lens
    USB Eyepiece

When it comes to exploration, you don't always have to think big to have an adventure. With the National Geographic 40x-1024x microscope you can develop a whole new perspective of the world around by discovering the hidden details of unusual specimens or revealing the surprising dimensions of the most common of subjects. This microscope adds a digital twist to its traditional compound design with the inclusion of a USB eyepiece that connects directly to a computer to allow for easy viewing, sharing and image capturing. With this feature, multiple users can observe and interact with a specimen at the same time. In addition to the USB eyepiece, the set has two eyepieces and a Barlow lens. All of these options work in conjunction with the three objective turrets to create a wide range of magnifications and maximize your observing options. For additional versatility, this microscope offers two types of illumination -- reflected and transmitted -- and has a color filter wheel for viewing translucent or colorless specimens. To get your investigations under way immediately, the set includes collection and prepping tools and an experiments guide. It also comes with prepared slides, blank slides, a slide case, specimen samples and a shrimp breeding system. For portability, security and quick organization, the microscope and its accessories are housed in a hard shell case with a molded interior when not in use.