Oxcart 12 CuFt Hydraulic Lift-Assist and Swivel Dump Cart with Run-Flat Tires

Amazing Odyssey

$ 597.33

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  • Wider 15” tractor grade tires eliminate ruts so lawns stay beautiful. Exclusive Costco Bonus: Free Run-Flat tire upgrade included. $50 value.
  • Model Number: GTM2000
  • UPC: 7 93573 16956 3
  • Weight:  79.80 Lbs. (36.20 kilograms)
  • Consumer Warranty:  1 Year
  • Tub dimensions: 47.50”L x 37.25”W x 12.25”H
  • Max tongue weight: 70 lbs
  • Tire size: 15 x 6.00-6
  • Load-Tested by an independent certified lab
  • Certified to hold up to 750 lbs.
  • All-square tube steel construction to fill it to the max with gravel
  • Full mandrel bent axle support for max strength and high clearance
  • Power-Assisted Lift that reduces the weight of lifting a max load of gravel feel up to 90% lighter!
  • Bigger 12 cu. Rugged polypropylene tub to finish land, hardscape, & equine jobs faster
  • Safer Rear Pivot Point so dumping doesn’t get away from you and slam to the ground
  • Rear pivot design increases dump angle to reduce shoveling
  • Side dump feature – bed rotates 110 degrees from either side, dumping precisely where you want.
  • Power assist controls dumping at any angle
  • Graphoil bushings and zerk fittings for best performance and longevity
  • Auto-lock return latch preassembled – hitch pin included
  • Powder-coated, OX-blue hammered finish increases durability from scratches and rust.
  • OxCart hitches to any riding mower and most utility vehicles with pin-hole hitches. OxCart does not have a female connector to attach to a 1 ½ or 2” ball hitch.
  • Designed and tested in Kansas, USA
  • Manufacturer OxCart Products
  • Graphoil wheel bushing ID - ¾”
  • Designed and tested in Kansas, USA

If you're building a patio, or a deck, or a fence, or a garden, or doing yard work or planting a tree or moving your firewood into place for the winter, you've got heavy things to move...gravel, dirt, sand...maybe even stone. But most carts available for your riding mower today are built for moving mulch, leaves or sticks...they fall apart like a wet newspaper if you try anything more. They have little or no control in dumping a load especially if you try to fill the tub more than half way or heavier loads. They dump like a teeter- totter - when you unlatch the tub, any heavy load will shift, slide, and slam to the ground. Or, one of the tires is flat. So, you leave your rider in the shed and move the load yourself...or you try OxCart™. OxCart™ was designed to do the heavy work. It's the only cart that is dynamically load-tested by a certified independent lab to move up to 750 pounds. Go ahead and fill it all the way with sand, gravel, dirt, stone, pavers or firewood. Now you'll need to move that heavy load across your well- groomed yard and gardens. No worries, the wider turf tires are the same ones found on most riders and designed to move effortlessly without leaving ruts. store Bonus: Free Run-Flat Tire Upgrade included - $50 Value! These tires contain a non-hazardous polymer liquid that only hardens when exposed to air as it self-seals filling most punctures instantly before losing air in the tire! No more flats that keep you from finishing projects on time! Ready to dump? You've got a new challenge - lifting that load in a safe and controlled way. Again, OxCart has you covered. OxCart™ is POWER-ASSISTED! The patent-pending power assisted lift reduces lift effort by up to 90%! Plus, the safer rear pivot design provides you 60% more control in dumping your bigger loads. And, OxCart has a side-dumping feature. The tub rotates 110 degrees from either side allowing you to place that heavy load exactly where you need it, eliminating backing or the need to reposition the cart. OxCart's max strength, exclusive power-assisted lift, dump pivot point moved to the rear, and side dump features provide safer and max control at any angle so loads are dumped precisely where you want. OxCart is more than just a strong cart; it's smart too! It assembles in minutes and will be a valued partner for years, helping you finish more projects in less time with less effort. Carry More. Lift Less. Get moving on those big projects!