2-PACK ProDen PlaqueOff Animal - All Natural Solution against Tartar & Plaque 2 x 60 gr


$ 49.77

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  • Shipping Weight: 0.3 ounces
  • Naturally Processed, Contains NO additives/preservatives/colors or dyes.
  • Easy to Give. Scoop included
  • Rich in Iodine, Great tasting, Easy to take.
  • Plaque Off does not contain sugars, hormones, wheat/gluten

ProDen PlaqueOff animal is an easy way for those dog and cat owners to care for their pet's teeth who don't have the patience or inclination to brush their dog or cat's teeth regularly. The product comes in powdered form and it is simply added on a daily basis to dry or wet food. Dogs and cats like the taste of the small amount that is added. Proden plaqueoff animal does not rely on topical application or friction. The product is ingested and works systemically.Additional InformationThe natural compound in the product comes out through the saliva and works to break down the bacterial biofilm that forms on the teeth and gums. This is how the natural bacteria in the mouth take hold onto the teeth and gums, colonizing and creating the oral problems of plaque and tartar, bad breathe and gingivitis. It does not change the ph of the mouth or kill off the normal levels of bacteria. Proden plaqueoff has been proven to reduce plaque and tartar on the teeth and gums, depending on composition, diet and how long it has been there.It then works to prevent bad breath, plaque and tartar from returning. Patients generally begin to see results over a 2-8 week period, and will see further benefits with continued use. Proden plaqueoff animal is made from a specific strain of selected seaweed harvested from above scandinavia. This seaweed has developed a natural defensive mechanism against bacterial biofilm. The product is made only from this seaweed and has no additives or chemicals added. It is human grade and human tested.Directions & DosageProDen PlaqueOff should be added to dry or wet food on a daily basis. Each bottle contains a serving spoon to measure out the proper amount.Cat All lbs - 1/2 scoop dailyDog Up to 25 lbs - 1/2 scoop dailyDog 25 - 50 lbs - 1 ScoopsDog Over 50 lbs - 2 ScoopsIngredientsNatural plant marine algae D1070, minerals an...