24-Count Dingo Wag'n Wraps Slims (3 Packs with 8 Chicken Slims per Pack)


$ 43.43

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24-Count Dingo Wag'n Wraps Slims, (3 Packs with 8 Chicken Slims per Pack)

The Healthy Treat Dogs Love The traditional rawhide bone is a durable, edible bone that serves as a common treat for dogs. With the Dingo Mini Packs, dogs reap the dental benefits of teeth cleansing and gum conditioning, while also enjoying the meaty flavor that the Dingo bone ensures. Because all Dingo bones are hand tied with real meat in the middle, they provide the highest quality treat for your dog. This treat is both easily digestible and soft enough not to damage dogs' teeth, making it a safe and healthy bone that your dog will love. One of a Kind In 1997, the Dingo brand was granted a patent for the single most logical improvement on the rawhide dog chew in thirty years. Due to its meat in the middle quality, the Dingo bone is the only product of its kind on the market. This allows dogs to experience a unique treat that's innovation and uniqueness separates it from traditional rawhide bones. Although competitors have attempted to mimic the Dingo bone, no other product combines rawhide with real meat in the middle to create a longer-lasting treat that encourages your dog to chew through the entire bone.

Product Features

  • 24 Total (3 Packs with 8 per Pack) Dingo Wag'n Wraps Slims
  • Chewy, Real Meat center wrapped in premium rawhide
  • A fun way to satisfy every dogs' natural need to chew
  • Irresistible Real Chicken basting with Real Meat in the center
  • Dingo Delicious, flavorful treat that your dog will love