3D BDX Brake Dust Cleaner One Gallon Refill

Amazing Odyssey

$ 84.68

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BDX, Brake Dust Remover will completely remove iron particles and fallout from automotive paint and wheels. This is the fastest, easiest way to clean almost any wheel. BDX is a simple spray formula that instantly turns purple when it comes in contact with iron partials. BDX will also safely dissolve fallout particles - replacing the use of harsh chemicals such as acid. BDX is acid free, Ph balanced and safely cleans and removes rust stains on wheels and decontaminates fallout from paint. BDX is VOC, Green and Biodegradable (product only - dispose of container appropriately). Rinse wheel completely with either water or 3D Waterless Car Wash. NOTE: If the wheel is hot, rinse with water until the wheel becomes cool. Spray BDX over the wheel and tire, and watch it dissolve the iron and dirt particles, as it turns purple. Rinse the wheel and tire to remove dirt and iron partials and dry off the wheel.