3D Detailing Kit With DA Polisher And 1 Gallon Waterless Car Wash Refill

Amazing Odyssey

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3D Detailing Kit With DA Polisher And 1 Gallon Waterless Car Wash Refill

BDX, Brake Dust Remover will completely remove iron particles and fallout from automotive paint and wheels. This is the fastest, easiest way to clean almost any wheel. BDX is a simple spray formula that instantly turns purple when it comes in contact with iron partials. BDX will also safely dissolve fallout particles - replacing the use of harsh chemicals such as acid. BDX is acid free, Ph balanced and safely cleans and removes rust stains on wheels and decontaminates fallout from paint. BDX is VOC, Green and Biodegradable. Rinse wheel completely with either water or 3D Waterless Car Wash. NOTE: If the wheel is hot, rinse with water until the wheel becomes cool. Spray BDX over the wheel and tire, and watch it dissolve the iron and dirt particles, as it turns purple. Rinse the wheel and tire to remove dirt and iron partials and dry off the wheel. Ultra Protectant is a high quality, long lasting, water based, high gloss shine for tires and wheel wells. This spray on formula also protects and beautifies exterior vinyl surfaces. Ultra Protectant is the perfect protection to dress tires after being cleaned with BDX. Ultra Protectant protects tires and exterior trim from the suns damaging UV rays and penetrates the rubber and vinyl for Ultra Protectant conditioning. Water-based Ultra Protectant is VOC, Green and Biodegradable. Spray Ultra Protectant on tires, trim and wheel wells and get hundred percent coverage. Wipe off paint or rims and just leave to dry, if you want a high gloss shine. If you prefer a stain or low gloss shine, wipe off Ultra protectant after a few minutes. That's all there is to condition and protecting your tires, exterior trim, and wheel wells. Waterless Car Wash is a revolutionary soap-less car wash that cleans on any automotive surface. Waterless Car Wash cleans, polishes & protects without using water and protects your vehicle from airborne contaminants. Water-less Car Wash can also be used on chrome, glass, dashboards and door panels. Just Spray-on and Wipe-off with a clean soft micro fiber towel. Water-less car wash formula will penetrate the dirt, lift it up and off the surface so it can easily be wiped away. Water-less Car Wash is VOC, Green and Biodegradable. Spray Water-less Car Wash on your vehicle to get 100% coverage. No need to over saturate. First wipe off the dirt with a clean, soft micro fiber towel in either a one direction or a snake like motion. Do not wipe of the dirt in a back and forth motion, wipe off the dirt in one direction. Water-less Car Wash is lifting the dirt off the surface waiting to be wiped away and not back into the surface. Once you've cleaned off the dirt, buff the surface to a high gloss shine. Note; make sure your towels are clean and free of any debris and fold them into fours, that way you have eight sides of the towel to use. Tip; use two towels at a time, one to clean off the dirt and one to buff the paint or surface to a high gloss shine. 3D Glass Cleaner is an excellent, streak free, alcohol-based glass cleaner that can be used to remove dirt, oil, smoke, and out gassing from vinyl and dash boards. Alcohol-based is safe to use on all interior or exterior automotive glass because it won't harm tinted windows. 3D Glass Cleaner is made from natural ingredients which is ethanol-produced from corn as a biomass through industrial fermentation. Glass Cleaner is VOC, Green and Biodegradable. For best results, use 2 clean microfiber towels. Saturate one towel with 3D Glass Cleaner, keep the other towel dry and use that towel to wipe off the glass cleaner and buff the glass to a streak free shine. Use the saturated towel to clean the window really well. Use one side and clean every area of the window. Turn the towel over and re-clean. Now wipe the window dry with the dry towel and buff clean. Orange Degreaser is an interior and exterior organic cleaner and degreaser with natural organic citrus "D-limonene" oil that helps remove the toughest stains, grease, oil, dirt and odors. Orange Cleaning Degreaser is the ultimate "All-in-One" excellent for automotive, janitorial and home use. Orange Degreaser is VOC, Green and Biodegradable. Orange Degreaser can be diluted 4 to 1 for the full strength exterior cleaning degreaser and 10 to 1 for a lighter duty interior cleaning degreaser. Orange Degreaser can be easily applied with a spray bottle. Spray either formula, lightly covering any surface and scrub with a brush on carpets and fabrics seats or wipe with a micro fiber towel on interior surfaces, like dash boards, steering wheels, door panels and leather or vinyl seats. Orange Degreaser can be removed with a wet-dry vacuum or with a clean damp cloth. Since Orange Degreaser is a degreaser, be sure to completely remove Orange Degreaser from all leather, vinyl and fabric seats, leather, vinyl and plastic and chrome, door panels, etc. with a damp micro fiber towel and then wipe surfaces dry with a clean dry cloth. Restore moisture and re-condition leather, vinyl and plastic with 3D LVP Conditioner. LVP CONDITIONER cleans, conditions, and protects leather, vinyl, and plastic in one step. LVP is made with Mink-Oil to create extra softness and extend the life of leather, vinyl, and plastic. LVP Conditioner cleans dirt and grim away from leather, vinyl, and plastic while adding conditioning mink oil into the leather, vinyl, and plastic to prevent them from life sucking UV rays. UV rays and heat will dry out all the leather, vinyl and plastic parts of a vehicle's interior and shorten the life of a vehicles interior much faster if left untreated. LVP Conditioner is absorbed into the leather, vinyl, and plastic to leave a soft, non-greasy surface and restore moisture to any vehicles interior. LVP Conditioner is VOC, Green and Biodegradable. Apply LVP Conditioner with a microfiber applicator or towel. Saturate the applicator and message LVP Conditioner into the leather, vinyl, and plastic in a circular massaging motion. Like all 3D products, a little does go a long way. Let LVP Conditioner penetrate the surface for a few minutes and wipe off the excess off with a clean micro towel. Re-apply LVP Conditioner every 4 to 6 months. 3D Ultra Glaze is a hybrid All-in-One paint correcting polish with Montan protecting wax. It is ideal for cars, trucks, RV's, boats, and motorcycles. Ultra Glaze, used with the 3D DA polisher, will quickly remove light to moderate paint scratches and towel marks. As Ultra Glaze corrects paint defects, it's adding Montan wax to protect paint from harmful UV rays, bird droppings, bugs, and fallout. This remarkable product restores color, depth and gloss to any vehicles while protecting the painted surface with Montan wax. Montan wax is created from fossils. It is a high performing, highest temperature resistant wax protection on the market. Ultra Glaze is easy to use, offers a long period of active working time and easy to buff-off, leaving a super high gloss shine. Ultra Glaze should be re-applied twice a year. Ultra Glaze is VOC, Green and Biodegradable. Ultra Glaze will achieve the best results when used with a DA polisher or rotary buffer. Apply 5 to 6 dime size drops of Ultra Glaze on medium correction foam pad to remove light to moderate paint scratches. Work a 2' x 2' section of the vehicle at a time, using a back and forth motion. Use the DA at a high speed for quicker results. To check your progress, wipe of Ultra Glaze with a clean micro fiber towel. If more correction is needed, repeat. Once the paint correction is complete, move to another section until the entire vehicle is finished. When finished, wipe off Ultra Glaze with a clean micro fiber towel and buff to a high gloss finish. Ultra Glaze is an incinerable product that delivers an amazing, deep, high gloss finish every time. Ultra Glaze works best when applied in a shaded area, but is sun also friendly. The 3D random DA orbital polisher is equipped with upgraded internal components including a smooth, powerful motor, ergonomically designed head with a 10ft. power cord. The 6 Amp motor produces 710 watts of power with an 8mm throw. 6 adjustable speeds allow the user to polish and correct defects with exact precision. The 3D polisher is great for pros and DIY. It will remove paint defects, swirls marks, water spots, overspray, and oxidation. The 3D DA polisher includes a 5 inch Velcro hook and loop backing plate to be used with 5.5 and 6 inch pads. Premium microfiber 16" x 16", 70% polyester / 30% Polyamide, extremely soft and absorbent towel is perfect for the removal of water-less car wash, compounds, polishes, waxes, and sealants. Nylon densely tire brush bristles staple-set into a foam block, bristles are crimped for added strength. Great for cleaning all types of tires. This brush is great for upholstery, carpet cleaning and floor mat cleaning.

Product Features

  • 3D Detailing bag (x1)
  • 3D DA Polisher (x1)
  • 3D Scratch correction foam pad 5.5" (x1)
  • 3D Super finish foam pad 5.5" (x1)
  • Orange Degreaser 16oz (x1)
  • Water-less car wash 16oz (x1)
  • Water-less car wash 1 Gal (x1)
  • Ultra Correction glaze 16oz (x1)
  • Ultra Protectant tire dressing 16oz (x1)
  • Glass cleaner 16oz (x1)
  • LVP, interior clean/protectant 16oz (x1)
  • Blue microfiber applicator 3"x5"  (x1)
  • Black microfiber applicator 3"x5" (x1)
  • Salt & pepper scrub brush 6" (x1)
  • Nylon interior brush 8" (x1)
  • Horsehair detailing brush 9" (x1)
  • Black microfiber towel 16"x16" (x2)
  • Green microfiber towel 16"x16" (x4)
  • Yellow microfiber towel 16"x16" (x2)
  • Blue microfiber towel 16"x16" (x2)
  • 5” Velcro hook and loop backing plate for 5.5” or 6” foam pads
  • Pair of Carbon Brushes
  • Spindle Wrench
  • Side Handle