AlcoHAWK Disposable Breathalyzer 10-pack


$ 48.66

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AlcoHAWK Disposable Breathalyzer 10-pack

The AlcoHAWK Disposable "One-Time-Use" is the newest breathalyzer released in the AlcoHAWK product line. The "One-Time-Use" BAC breathalyzer quickly checks for the presence of alcohol. This disposable unit has 4 levels of BAC readings to help determine the level of alcohol in your system. This bundle comes with 10 of the Disposable units.

Product Features

  • Single Use Test
  • Small Travel item – fits in your pocket or purse – small tube only 4” long
  • Press both ends of tube firmly to break seal and blow—it is that easy!
  • Disposable after one use.
  • 4 levels of BAC % readings ( 0.0% – 0.2% – 0.5% – 0.8% )