Amano Wi-Fi Biometric Time Clock Bundle


$ 480.34

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    Two punch options: keypad or fingerprint
    Eight standard management reports: Hours Summary, Department, Employee, Time Card, Hours Worked, Exception, Audit-trail, and Presence
    Capacity: 2 Users, 100 employee standard capacity (Both upgradeable)
    Terminals Dimensions: 6.50” x 5.50” x 1.75”
    Operating Environment:  32°F to 105°F (0°C to 42°C), 20 to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing
    Weight: 1.35 lbs. (.61kg)
    Power Input: AC Adapter 105-130 VAC, 50-60Hz
    Software: Time Guardian Windows-based employee time tracking software
    Reports Generated: Time card detail, hours worked, audit trail, historical hours, exceptions, tips and much more
    Integration Capabilities: Payroll system integration with most payroll companies
    Programmable Settings: DST time downloaded through Time Guardian software, bell schedule programming and terminal polling
    Memory Backup: Up to 3 years continuous memory without power
    Complete Package: MTX-30F

    Multi-user rights for up to 2 concurrent users (upgrades for more users available)
    Wi-Fi, Ethernet communication
    Transfer employee punch data via USB flash drive
    Ability to ring bells with schedule
    Ability to view hours, department transfers, and view previous punches directly at the terminal
    Improved algorithm and glass-based reader for better fingerprint reading
    User-friendly color display
    Software wizard guides user through easy installation
    Seamless interface with major payroll companies, including ADP, Peachtree, Paychex, Powerpay, and QuickBooks
    Software supports multiple languages (English, French, Canadian French, Spanish, Puerto Rican Spanish, Mexican Spanish, and Dominican Spanish)
    Automatic data polling and time synchronization
    Unlimited number of departments, pay policies, schedules, and holidays
    Accommodates weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay periods
    Optional auto-deduct for meals/breaks
    Overtime authorization capability
    Password security for login protects sensitive employee data
    Comprehensive time rounding capabilities, including total day time rounding, individual punch rounding, meal net-rounding, and in/out time rounding
    No monthly fees
    Automatically calculates employee hours, eliminating costly errors and reducing preparation time
    Eliminates "buddy punching"
    Eliminates cost of buying time cards or badges
    User-friendly interface
    Comprehensive management reporting helps control your company's largest expense
    Customizable toolbars, screen layout, and display
    Customizable rounding
    Accommodates a wide range of schedules, payroll rules, pay codes, and reports
    MTX-30 Fingerprint Biometric Terminal
    Time Guardian Software - CD-ROM (2 user, 100 employee capacity) - compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10, and server versions through 2016. NOT COMPATIBLE with MAC
    Internal Wi-Fi Communications
    Ethernet Communication Cable w/DHCP enables 6’ CAT 5
    Optional Direct Communications with (RS-485 USB ComStick) 50’ USB cable
    120V AC Power Adapter
    Install Guide

The Amano MTX-30 Fingerprint Time Guardian System features new and improved biometric fingerprint sensor and color screen display. This system is designed to eliminate "buddy punching" through fingerprint recognition. This system offers plug & play installation wizard, Wi-Fi or Ethernet communication, 100-employee 2-administrator software (both upgradeable), view hours worked or transfer departments at the clock, and the ability to setup unlimited number pay policies, schedules, and holiday rules. A variety of software upgrades are available for companies needing added functionality. The MTX-30 and Time Guardian minimizes payroll management, eliminates the cost of issuing and reissuing cards and badges and reduces manual calculation errors. Time Guardian software interfaces with most common payroll applications thereby providing a complete turn-key solution to accurately and efficiently manage your payroll.