D'Artagnans 6 Duck Magret Breast and 6 Duck Leg Confit, 5 lbs.


$ 195.63

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    Package includes: 6 Magret duck breasts, 5 lbs minimum total; 6 Duck Confit Legs, 5 oz each leg

    D’Artagnan’s best selling duck breast
    Juicy meat with rich flavor and firm texture
    Signature slow, fully-cooked, duck legs confit
    Duck leg confit makes a great and delicious, quick and easy meal
    Ships uncooked & frozen, 2nd day UPS air

Due to the perishable nature of this item orders do NOT ship over the weekend. Orders will only ship Monday, Tuesday for Wednesday, Thursday Delivery. Orders placed after 2PM EST on Wednesday will ship the following Monday. D'Artagnan's best selling duck breast combined with our signature slow, fully- cooked, duck leg confit. This duck combo is not the standard duck usually available in the market! D'Artagnan's duck breast, known as Magret, is aged seven days on the bone to develop a juicy meat with rich flavor and firm texture. Magret duck breasts are plump, juicy and meaty and often referred to as a "Duck Steak". Magret duck breasts are also twice as big as a regular duck breast. Duck Leg Confit is a specialty from the heart of France. We take the meatiest, most succulent duck legs and then slowly stew them for 2 days with herbs and spices to create our signature Duck Leg Confit, also known as 'preserved' Duck Leg or Confit de Canard. This combo pack includes 6 individually packaged Magret duck breasts and 6 individually packed duck leg confit. The rich and meaty flavor of this duck package will excite every meat lover! Magret duck is very easy to prepare and you can cook it as you would any other red meats; though it usually works best seared. The outer skin should be scored (or sliced) multiple times across the entire skin side before cooking, to assist in rendering and crisping the skin. Cook in a pan, skin side down over medium heat for about 8-10 minutes until fat renders out and skin is crispy. Flip and cook meat side down for 4-6 minutes until cooked to your liking. Cooking to a medium temperature and still pinkish inside is usually preferred. Slice and serve! Rich in flavor, extremely tender in texture, D'Artagnan's Duck Leg Confit is fully cooked and only needs to be reheated! Duck leg confit makes a great and delicious centerpiece to a quick, easy meal. It also can be used to make a great addition to salads, quesadilla, pasta, soups and stews. Fully cooked, just reheat and crisp the skin in the oven, pan or the grill and it's ready to serve. Model: KITCC032