David's Cookies Lemon Flower Tart, 2-pack


$ 66.22

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    2 -10" Lemon Flower Tarts
    Generously sized precut slices
    Measures 10" diameter
    Each Tart Weighs in at 1 lb. 14 oz.
    Each Tart Serves 12
    Kosher dairy certified
    Ships in Cooler with Dry Ice to Maintain Quality & Freshness

Due to the perishable nature of this item, orders will only ship Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday delivery. Any orders that are placed on Wednesday after 9:00 am PST will be shipped the following Monday. A butter cookie tart shell is filled with a smooth creamy lemon curd, bursting with the flavor of fresh lemons. Not too sweet, not too tart; this very pretty dessert has the fresh taste and look of spring, hand decorated with pure buttercream flowers. Promises Tasty, Mouth-Watering Delight for Holidays, Birthdays & Anytime Indulgence. A Tart lover's dreams come true! How to Enjoy Remove Tart from perfectly packaged box Serve instantly-no slicing necessary Enjoy Lemon bliss for any occasion (including late night snacks!) If not being consumed immediately upon arrival, Tart should be placed in freezer. Allow two hours for Tart to thaw prior to serving. The dessert will arrive at least partially frozen and can be refrozen in its original packaging for up to 6 months or stored in a refrigerator for at least 2 to 3 days.