EasyPrep Cook in Bag Instant Entree Bucket 236 Servings


$ 195.63

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    236 Servings in a single bucket
    Each entree is packaged into a zip-lock mylar pouch that can be directly cooked in
    Just add hot water to pouch to prepare
    Prepared in 5-12 minutes
    Up to 25 year shelf life
    No pots or dishware needed, cooks directly in the pouch
    Instant Oatmeal (25 Servings)
    Apple Cinnamon Granola (32 Servings)
    Granola with Milk and Blueberries (16 Servings)
    Sweet & Sour Rice (27 Servings)
    Lasagna (27 Servings)
    Chicken Flavored Rice (40 Servings)
    Bacon Flavored Potato Chowder (36 Servings)
    Instant Mashed Potatoes (24 Servings)
    Macaroni & Cheese (9 Servings)

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