Eco Kloud 9 Compostable Plate, 500-count


$ 63.63

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    Plate made from bagasse, discarded sugarcane fiber: Sugarcane is an annually renewable resource. It can also be turned into products normally made from plastic or paper. Bagasse is the sugarcane fiber remaining after extraction of juice from sugarcane. Generally, Bagasse is discarded or burnt, creating pollution.

    9" diameter
    500 Plates
    Tree free, best alternative to paper, plastic and styro-foam plates
    Environmentally friendly
    Safe for Hot and Cold food items
    Microwavable and Refrigerator safe
    Soak Proof and Oil Resistant
    Strong, no need to double up
    Upscale Sustainable Dinnerware
    Natural White surface provides brilliant, exterior appearance
    Recommended to be composted at commercial composting facility. Check to see if appropriate facility exists in your area