Eco Kloud Assorted Party Pack, 300-count


$ 46.81

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    Bagasse Plates: Microwavable, Refrigerator safe, Soak Proof and Oil Resistant
    Compostable Cups: Beautiful green design and green stripe on white surface makes this cup a perfect addition to your compostable tableware!
    Compostable Cutlery: The latest addition, is the first Truly COMPOSTABLE high heat cutlery, primarily made from compostable corn plastic

    50 Bagasse Sugarcane 10” Dinner Plates
    50 Bagasse Sugarcane 6” Dessert Plates
    50 Compostable 12 oz Paper Cups with PLA lining
    50 Compostable Forks
    50 Compostable Spoons
    50 Compostable Knives
    Use it for hot or cold food
    Recommended to be composted at commercial composting facility. Check to see if appropriate facility exists in your area

Compostable products are the best alternative to paper, plastic and styro-foam products Upscale Sustainable Tableware