Gangawala Himalayan Engrav Gurkha Kukri,khukuri,nepalese Kukri


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    Shipping Weight: 2 pounds
    Item model number: SG_B017VXUY40_US
    #323 in Camping Fixed-Blade Knives

    Baldes are prepared under experts supervision.Balance water tampered and quality inspiction by vetran Khukuri balde makers .
    Hand made by Bishwakarmas (Born Khukuri Makers) using the best quality materials in a very traditional way with conventional tools.
    The blades are prepared using higly graded spring steel (5160Rc) where the handles are made from animal horn and for scabbard buffallo hide is used .
    This medium size balde is well balanced and razor sharp which can be make sharp by using sharping stone and use for hard chopping .
    we are glade to have business with hundereds of satisfied customers and Army officers .

"Gangawal Himalayan" Kukri is ancient model of kukri that suppose to be used in early 16th centuries by nepalese mangolian casts living in hilly reson like; sherpas, Limbu ,Guruang,Tamang,etc. It is a curve nepalese knife made from highly graded spring Steel comes in forward leaning leaf shaped blade ,which provide the user with leveraged striking power.The kukri has Rat-Tail- Tang handle that is the metal of the blade in the handle area is from inside the buffallo horn handle and and goes all the way through to the end.The buffallo horn are strong fixing with laha (a typical Nepali glue) and brass support at end like in typical early kukri that maximize force in the blade. For the scabbard two pine woods is cotton wrapped with local yak refined leather that comes with multipal pockets which holds accessories like ; "toothpeak" to clean the teeth ,"eartaker" to clean ear, "twiser" to take out thrown in barefoot,"sharpner" to sharp pencil ,"pencil" to draw the map, A small "learher pouch" to store dry fire making stuffs ,blunt steel called "chakmak" for sharpening the blade or for striking spark from flint and a little knife known as "karda" used for skinning small animals such as rabbits. The notch in the blade near the hilt serves as conduit for the blood to drip out, thus preventing it from soiling the hilt ,as well as a device for catching and neutralizing an enemy blade. Blade Size & Type :10 inch Hand forged Spring steel, Handle Size & Type : 5 inch rat-tail-tang in Horn, Hardness of Steel : Spine =22-25 RC,Belly=45-46 RC,Edge=58-60 RC, Overall Length : 15 Inch With Scabbard, Materials Used : Highly Graded Carbon Steel for Blade. local yak refined Leather for Scabbard and horn for the Handle. Pinewood for the Scabbard (inside) Brass Metal Rivets., Product location : Kathmandu,Nepal. Shipping Partners and Time : DHL,TNT,Aramex,Usually ships within 2 working days but Allow 3 to 10 business days for delivery worldwide.,Product Net Wei