Go! Towel 10-Pack of 100% Organic Bamboo Compressed Pop-Up Towels (10-Count, 10 Total Towels)

Luxe Bamboo

$ 25.84

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    VERSATILE WITH HUNDREDS OF USES: first aid kit, camping, hiking, biking, travel bag, backpack, picnics, emergency kit, car glove box, jacket pocket, purse, make-up removal, bathroom, kitchen, survival gear, bug out bag, go bag, gifts, rescue workers, working out, health clubs and gyms, hotels, fishing, schools, airplanes, musicians on tour, can even be used as coffee filter in a pinch! Put it around your neck to cool you down! Perfect for parents on the go!
    SOFT, COMPACT CLOTH, EASY AND FAST TO OPEN: each poker chip weighs less than 2 grams but quickly opens into a soft and sturdy towel 12 x 20 inches. Open with only a few drops of water. Unbleached, undyed, and naturally anti-bacterial. Soft enough to use on all parts of the body. Not scratchy. Great for cleaning surfaces and dusting; makes a great kitchen rag.
    GO GREEN WITH THE GO TOWEL: extremely biodegradable. Will breakdown in about 4-6 weeks in a composting bin; bamboo is a very eco-friendly product because it is a sustainable crop that does not need replanting! 30 DAY THRILLED CUSTOMER GUARANTEE: If you are not thrilled with your Go! Towel, please contact the seller to receive your money back! So versatile and handy you will wonder how you ever lived without it!
    SAVES YOU TIME AND STRESS: now you will be ready in every situation! Relief is right in your pocket or bag! Go! Towel saves you time in stressful, messy, and emergency situations. Perfectly compact, just toss them in your bag or pocket.
    REUSABLE TO SAVE YOU MONEY: hang it to dry when done, dries nice and soft not stiff and crunchy. Go! Towels are machine washable if put in a mesh/delicates washable bag on a gentle setting. Hand rinsing in hot water and air drying is best.

    Product Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2 inches ; 1.44 ounces
    Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces
    UPC: 649241842446
    #327 in Paper Facial Tissues

Cleaning on the go has never been easier with Go! Towel! So versatile and handy you will wonder how you ever lived without it! Comes with a 30 day “thrilled customer” guarantee. If you are not thrilled with your Go! Towel, please contact the seller to receive your money back! So easy and convenient you will wonder how you ever lived without Go! Towel! Fit in purse to wipe away makeup smears or food on face. 100% bamboo, all natural, undyed, unscented, organically grown. Very easy to open just use a few drops of water. Starts the size of a poker chip and opens up into a large strong towel that is 12 x 20 inches. THEY FIT ANYWHERE! Never get surprised by a mess, stain, spill, or smudge again! With Go! Towel you will never be caught without a handy and convenient towel again. With hundreds of uses, there is no end to how the Go! Towel can help you! Travel, purse, camping, glove box, bug-out- bag, emergency bag, backpacking, car repair, survival gear, biking, hiking, first-aid kit, bathrooms, kitchens, dusting, go-bag, cycling, jacket pocket, pants pocket, wallet, hunting, picnics, motorcycle bag, cleaning kitchen machines, running long distances, disaster relief, spas and health clubs, military, firefighters, rescue workers, golfing, make-up removal, gardeners, outdoor concerts and festivals, construction workers, polishing surfaces and cleaning car interior. You will finally have a trustworthy and durable towel handy when you need it! Perfect for parents traveling or on outings with young children. Perfect for use when there are no towels in outside or public restrooms. Give as gifts to friends. Give out as party favors or trinkets. Use outside in the heat and humidity, Dunk the Go! Towel in a cooler/bucket of cold water and put it around your neck to cool you down with instant air conditioning.