Hairatin Building Fibers-Most Effective Fibers for Thinning or Balding Hair_ Men and Women_ Great for Hair Loss- 28grams (Dark Brown) Dark Brown


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    Magnetic Hairatin Fibers

Thicker is the new healthy, Healthy is the new Sexy Hairatin Building Fibers Not all fibers are the same. High quality Fibers Do not cover your scalp, but adheres to existing hair so your own hair is reducing the visibility of your scalp. Available in 8 Colors Our unique color- match formulation results in a translucent color that blends perfectly with your natural or dyed hair tone without leaving a mat appearance and without having to mix and match different colors to achieve undetectable results. Nelson-thinning on the top and crown Whether you are thinning on the Crown, on the top of the head or on the sides, Hairatin fibers will turn your existing hair so thick that the visibility of the scalp will be reduced immediately. Claudia-Wide Hair Part Wide hair part: Great at making your hair part fuller and reduce the visibility of the scalp for a thicker looking hair. Ponytail: Achieve the perfect pony tail look by adding Hairatin Fibers to your frontline and sides. Hair extensions: Cover your hair extensions tracks to feel more comfortable and confident. Mini particles of keratin magnetically adhere to the existing hair to turn it thicker and fuller. High quality fibers sit on each hair strand and not on the scalp for longer lasting undetectable results. -Black suits Asian or Indian jet black hair. -Dark brown suits the darkest of brown hair. -Medium Brown suits most medium to darker brown hair shades. -Use Light Brown for lighter brown to very dark blonde colors. -Dark Blonde is a Ash-Dirty Blond -Light Blonde is a lighter-yellowish blond. -Grey is for salt & Pepper color. -Auburn is a Medium to light Brown with a touch of red