MYSTIGLO LED Open Swivel Sign With Remote


$ 117.98

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    Easy to use: simply rotate letters
    Vertical Dimensions: 9" X 22.5" X 2.75"
    Horizontal Dimensions: 22.5" X 9"X 2.75"

    Unique turning letters
    Dual hanging option -  install sign as horizontal or vertical
    Flashing option with multiple speeds
    Energy-efficient LED
    Wireless remote allows control of sign from 32-feet away
    Optional Flashing with 8 speed choices
    Includes hanging hardware, remote, and UL-listed power cord

Mystiglo's versatile LED Swivel Open Sign, with unique turning letter technology, fits almost any storefront window by simply rotating the letters to change the sign from a horizontal hanging position to vertical hanging position. With the rich and vibrant red and blue colored lens offering daylight brightness your customers will always know you are open for business.