Regulus Knife Sheath Knife NO.SA 67 [Parallel Imported Goods]


$ 34.04

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    Shipping Weight: 11.5 ounces
    #1594 in Hunting Knives

    REGULUS KNIFE 's survival knife. The blade contains a print that imaged Damascus steel. Characteristic design of handle end part.
    Sharp blade, handy handle easy. The handle is a natural wood material and a blade is sandwiched, a rugged full tongue structure. It is a strong design to break.
    Besides outdoor, it is an excellent knife design as well for viewing.
    Nylon made sheath is attached.
    It is a book of an affordable size that makes great use in mountain walking and camping.

REGULUS KNIFE knife's high quality knife. Luxury finished finish you understand. Distinctive handle design. Blade is 440C stainless steel. Grip is also a very good handle. You can use it for a long time depending on your care. For those who are looking for a full-scale hunting knife, this is the best one.