RevoMax V2 Twist-Free/No-Screw Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle -with One-Click Open/Close Lid for 36 Hours Ice Cold - Standard Mouth JEWELRY BLUE 12 OZ


$ 26.48

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    Shipping Weight: 11.8 ounces
    Item model number: DWF-12469B
    #471 in Water Bottles

    AWARD-WINNING DESIGN: RevoMax V2 twist-free, thread-less lid allows you to single-handedly open/lock your RevoMax water bottle with ONE click in ONE second! Its unique, double-seal and triple-lock mechanism guarantees TRUE leak-free! The no-screw feature prevents it from coming loose on a dangling carabiner! The built-in air exhaust valve releases the pressure just before the cap is opened, so there is no popping or struggling to unscrew the flask even if it is holding carbonated drinks!
    50% LONGER TEMPARATURE RETENTION: Double-wall vacuum insulation, double seal and copper-coated inner wall make RevoMax insulated water bottle outperform most of leading brands! It keeps beverages hot up to 18 hours and cold up to 36 hours!
    PREMIUM QUALITY: All RevoMax vacuum insulated flasks are made of 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free plastics and food-grade silicone rubber. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, your money back is guaranteed!
    POWDER COAT FOR LONG LASTING: Colorful, non-slip powder coating is great for rouged, outdoor conditions and daily indoor use.
    EASY TO CLEAN: RevoMax quick release lid can be disassembled and reassembled in just a few seconds. The lid is dishwasher safe.

You Don’t Screw It. It Doesn’t Screw You. Screw-on tops may seem secure, but one wrong move is all it takes to loosen those threads. And when that happens, you’re the one getting screwed. RevoMax, the winner of iF Design of 2016, developed the easy-seal cap to solve this problem. With its patent pending double-seal and triple lock cap there is no more leaks — even after impact. The Quickest Cap for Single-Handed use RevoMax lid is a zipper for water bottles! It is the ONLY lid which can be fully detached or securely locked in less than one second single-handedly! 50% Better Thermal Performance Compared with other double-wall vacuum insulated flasks, RevoMax flasks can keep hot or cold 50% longer. Unlike other flasks sealed only at the non- vacuumed top of the opening, RevoMax uses double seals, one of which is set at the vacuum layer for a better isolation. Moreover, the copper plating technology is another enhancement for RevoMax flasks. No Popping and Struggling When Holding Carbonated Beverage Every RevoMax twist-free lid is equipped with an air exhaust valve built into the lid to release the pressure just before the cap is opened to balance the pressure inside and outside of the water bottle, so there is no popping or struggling. No More Loose Water Bottle Hung with A Carabiner Clip RevoMax flask does not use screws for sealing and securing, so dangling or twisting will never get your RevoMax water bottle running away from the carabiner hooked on your backpack. Hope you enjoy your RevoMax flasks. RevoMax bring you a new way to stay hydrated! Read more Read more Why RevoMax? Truly Leakproof Though RevoMax flask can be opened with just one click, but the middle saefty button (1) ensures it is never opened accidentally. The double seal (2) with preset constant and even pressure aplied ensures nothing leaking out. Enhanced Thermal Performance 1. Double wall vacuum Insulation. 2. Copper plating for better isolation. 3. First seal down at the vacuum portion blocking energy from coming up to the top. 4.Second seal for further isolation. One Hand Using & Another Doing Opening and closing it is a breeze. The cap pops off with a flick of the fingers, and goes back on with a simple click. Using it takes just one hand. So, no matter what you’re doing, refreshment is always within reach. Read more Never loose when hung on your backpack No more loose water bottle hung with a carabiner clip on your backpack! RevoMax flask does not use screws for sealing and securing, so dangling or twisting will never get your RevoMax water bottle loose or running away from the carabiner hooked on your backpack. Read more Easy to Clean 1. Simply pull off locking handle and silicone gasket 2. Hand wash or wash on top rack of dishwasher 3. Put back silicone gasket then push locking handle fully in gasket. Read more